The Best Of

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For almost 17 years, guitarist Jim Campilongo has been the most exciting and reliable answer to this New York rock & roll question: Where can I go, especially on a Monday night, to get my mind blown by six singing-treble strings, classic Fender-amp reverb and the American musical encyclopedia? Upon moving to the city from his native San Francisco in 2002, Campilongo started a weekly residency at the Knitting Factory, then took his Telecaster fire over to Mondays in the electrically charged intimacy of the Living Room on Ludlow Street. When gentrification swallowed that beloved space in 2013, he moved a couple of blocks uptown to Rockwood Music Hall, which isn't that much bigger (despite the name) and where it is business as usual – blues fundamentals and country comforts with vigorous psychedelic spirit – whenever Campilongo plugs in with his trio.